Capriole Café is located in the Binckhorst and has a lovely terrace at the Fokkerhaven. It is one of the first hospitality concepts in this upcoming industrial neighbourhood in The Hague. The Binckhorst will be developed into a residential and business area the coming decade.

Amsterdam based architecture studio Bureau Fraai has converted a former paint factory in The Hague into a coffee bar and restaurant. The existing small windows of the building were replaced by high steel window frames with doors opening up the interior towards the terrace. The eye-catcher of the Capriole Café is a fully steel bar element which connects the ground floor and the first level.

In contrast with the black-and-white interior, the designers introduced oak and brass in their designs for all the tables and the cabinets. Also the hanging lamps in the void and the pedestals presenting the companies future high-end coffee machines were custom-designed by Bureau Fraai. The main goal of the design of the café was to create a total experience of every aspect of the making and consumption of coffee.

The coffees are fair trade and organic and are freshly roasted on a Giesen coffee roaster. You can choose between two blends: Capriole Paso Fino and Capriole Flores. Capriole Paso Fino is a beautiful fresh coffee with a medium body. It has complex flavors of caramel, milk chocolate, peach and floral. Capriole Flores is a full and round coffee with aromas of pure chocolate, nuts and almond paste. In addition, the coffee has one beautiful spiciness. Besides coffee, breakfast, lunch and sweet treats are served.


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