MaMa Kelly has settled in the previous boiler room of the Caballerofabriek, a former cigarette factory with the logo of a caballero. The location is of great impact: a impressive space with smokestack and 7 meters high ceilings, plus a large outdoor area overlooking the water. The restoration of the interior spaces was the least invasive as possible. Many old kettles have remained and these have been kept visible in the restaurant.

The renovation and interior decoration projects are signed by De Horeca Fabriek, a renowned Dutch design studio that owns the restaurant. The industrial building has undergone a metamorphosis, while preserving its authenticity. The cauldrons of the former boiler room are still present and the highness have remained the same. The interior can best be described as industrial, design & urban.

As for the furniture, large leather sofas have been chosen, together with wooden tables with iron structures that resemble industrial beams. There are dark wood chairs softened with light fabrics, blacks sturdy bar stools and beautiful lamps with dim lighting. The interior decoration demonstrates a high attention to details.

The kitchen and the brasserie are located on one side, the restaurant on the other side and exactly in between there's the bar. The menu is simple: it is either chicken or lobster. Of course, in addition to these signature dishes, they have even more choice such as steaks and vegetarian risotto.


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